A lot of jobs in the huntly region of Westmead will be in the spotlight as the government launches a major hunt for a new Regional Services Corporation (RSC) to run the city’s services.

The move comes as it is reported a new job market is on the cards for the city.

A report commissioned by Westmeads Government in April found that a total of 7.7 per cent of the city has seen an increase in employment since the start of the economic recovery.

The number of vacancies in the regional council and the number of vacant council vacancies has both increased over the past year, the report found.

“While we can only speculate as to why vacancies have increased in the past two months, we know they are due to the ongoing financial pressures on Westmeader’s business community,” the report’s author, former Deputy Mayor Mark Boughton, said.

Mr Boughwood said the report highlighted the need for the council to “rebalance” its business and economic development strategy.

He said the council’s aim was to make Westmeaders “a more attractive place to work”.

“The council is keen to get the job market back to where it should be, which is the kind of workforce that is in demand and creates a healthy, sustainable business environment,” Mr Boughtree said.

“The RSC should help us do that by delivering services in the areas where we currently don’t have services.”

Westmead Council’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive of Regional Services, Mark Boulton, told the ABC the council had made a decision to re-engage with the RSC.

“We are in the process of talking to the RSL, and we are very excited about the opportunity we now have,” Mr, Boulwood said.


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