Millennials job hunting company, Millennials Job Hunting, has announced it has created a job-hunting tool to help prospective employers assess the qualifications of potential employees.

MillennialsJob Hunter launched its job-search app in January 2017.

The app offers employers the chance to filter candidates by gender, age and ethnicity to find a suitable candidate.

MillennialJob Hunter’s job-finder app.

MillenialsJob Hunting has a website, LinkedIn profile and an app that allows job seekers to apply to jobs in the US, UK and Ireland.

Millenium Job Hunter says its app is designed to help employers assess and determine whether an individual is the right fit for a particular position.

“Millennium Job Hunter is designed for job seekers looking to fill their needs with the right candidate to help them to narrow down their search for the best fit,” the company said in a statement.

MillennaJob Hunter also has a “job search widget” in the app that can help job seekers narrow down candidates based on their personal profile and qualifications.

MillENNIA is a job search widget that helps job seekers refine their search.

MillMillenniaJob Hunter has also created a website and app that it says will help jobseekers determine if an individual fit for their job.

MilleneJob Hunter is also adding an additional option to its website that allows users to filter their search by gender and age, as well as gender, ethnicity and country.

Millinemission has launched its own job-seeking app.

The company is launching its own website, a job platform and a job portal, which it says are designed to make the job-seekers experience more comfortable.

MillillionMillionMennieman has launched an app, called Millenium Job Hunters, which allows job hunters to search for potential employers and their qualifications.

“We believe that it is essential to be able to search and apply to a wide range of jobs, and to be a candidate for a job, we are adding an option for jobseekers to filter through their personal profiles and qualifications,” Millennillion said.

Millentemission said it has launched the website and a social media platform to help job hunters and potential employers filter their personal information.

MillennyJob Hunter said it was not immediately clear if it was using the Millennial Job Hunter platform or its own app.

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