It’s a great way to earn money and gain experience in a job you love.

But it can also be a very expensive way to start your career.

“I had a friend that was a hunter and he told me about a company called Job Hunting Australia that’s doing a job hunt.

So he was like ‘oh I’ve never heard of that’,” said Taryn Campbell.

Campbell is the founder of the Australian Hunters and Huntress Association.

It’s about bringing together the hunting community to help hunters find jobs.

They have been running job hunting jobs across the country.

We do a job search on our Facebook page and if you’re looking for a job then go to the Facebook page of our association and say ‘I’d like to apply to be a Hunter’.

“And they will send you an application form and send it back to you with an email address and you can then send it in to the company.”

Campbot says they are able to do this because the majority of hunters are hunters themselves.

The jobs are all seasonal and available year round.

You need to be able to go out in the field and hunt with the animals and have a good skillset in that.

There are jobs in the private sector for hunters, but you need to have a hunting licence and it’s up to you if you want to apply.

Huntress can’t guarantee jobs but we know we have a large community of hunters here in Australia.

Hunter job hunts are an opportunity for hunters to meet others hunting, to get to know the people who hunt and learn about the industry.

This year we’ve had people apply to hunt for the first time in over five years.

More than 300 people have applied and are working on the job hunt in the state of Victoria.

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