How to get a job hunting job

A new job hunting survey has found that more than half of workers aged between 25 and 34 are willing to hunt, but only around one in 10 are looking for a full-time position.

Key points:The study found almost two-thirds of workers in their 20s and 30s are willing but not looking for full-timersThe study also found that nearly half of those who are looking are willing, but they are not looking full-term, while about a quarter are not keen at allThe survey, commissioned by job agency The Huntress, also found some people were looking for more than one job at once.

“This is because many people are looking to start their own businesses or pursue a career in a new field, like a law enforcement or social work position,” the report said.

“While most of the people surveyed said they were not looking to move on from a full time job, they were often looking to expand their career and find a new part-time or casual job.”

It found a third of people aged between 30 and 44 were willing to find a job in the hunt, while nearly one in five (17 per cent) were not.

The survey also found nearly half (49 per cent), of people in their mid-20s and 25-29, were willing but weren’t looking for an employment-based full-timer, but the number of people who said they weren’t keen at this stage was smaller (30 per cent).

The survey found the majority of people were happy to work in jobs they were passionate about and wanted to do, while some wanted to work for the company that they liked the most (56 per cent of people).

The report also found about one in seven (13 per cent ) were keen at first to get into the hunt.

The Huntress says a majority of job seekers want to be able to hunt for a job, but employers should not shy away from making sure people have a job offer before they are willing.

“A lot of people are reluctant to say no because it’s such a long-term commitment,” Ms Carter said.”[But] employers should understand there are a lot of great opportunities out there and that people want to find jobs that are really challenging.”

She said employers could also help to fill the gap by working with job seekers to find opportunities and help them find the best fit.

“If we don’t find the right match in a job for someone, the opportunities that we’re giving away aren’t being shared, so we need to find other opportunities,” she said.

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