As the hunt for a new fossil record in South Carolinas oil fields is under fire, some hunters have been finding jobs in the oil industry.

The Hunters Association of South Carolina and other hunters have joined a growing list of groups that have launched a campaign to put pressure on Gov.

Nikki Haley and her administration to find a way to stop the industry from disappearing in the state.

The hunt has been the state’s fastest growing job in a decade, with about 4,000 hunters working for oil companies in South CAROLINA, said Tom Ricks, president of the South Carolina Hunters Association.

The industry employs about 1.5 million people.

The oil industry is now worth $1.3 trillion, with more than 10,000 jobs in South America, Ricks said.

But some hunters are working in the shadow of those jobs.

Hunters are also facing new competition from hunters in other parts of the country.

In the United States, hunters have seen their number of jobs fall by about 5 percent this year.

Hunting in the United Kingdom is up about 3 percent, but hunting is still a major industry in Australia and New Zealand, where it is up nearly 8 percent.

In Canada, hunting is up almost 2 percent.

And hunting in Canada is still growing, said Andrew Regan, president and CEO of the Canadian Hunters Association, which represents hunters in the country, and other nations.

But hunting jobs in Canada have been declining.

Canada’s hunting industry is growing at a faster pace than any other in North America, with an average of 1.7 hunters per million population, Regan said.

Canada has more hunters than any of the U.S., with more in the hunting and fishing business than anywhere else in the world, he said.

“The hunting industry in Canada, which is in the middle of nowhere, has not grown as fast as the U., U.K., and U.A.E. countries.

Canada is going from being a hunting and fishery nation to a fishing and hunting nation,” Regan told reporters in London.

Hunts in the U .

S. have seen some of the fastest growth in the past decade.

A report by the National Academy of Sciences in July showed that the U to U. S. hunting industry has doubled since 2004.

Last year, hunters accounted for more than one-third of the total economic activity in the industry.

But the economic impact of the industry has been uneven.

While hunters in Canada are still growing in their own country, they are also struggling to compete with hunters in China, Brazil and other parts and countries of the world.

Hunted animals are not the only commodities in South Africa that have declined in value.

The African sugar cane industry has also been hit hard, with the price of the commodity plunging to about $2 a ton this year from more than $2.80 a ton in 2012.

In a bid to help the industry recover, the government has taken steps to raise the price by 25 percent, the country’s sugar authority said on Friday.

The government is also trying to boost export revenues from sugar from South Africa.

The government will sell more sugar from the country this year and will sell some of it domestically, said the Sugar Authority’s chief executive officer, Habyanand Nyanko.

South Africa is trying to find alternative export markets.

Its government is working with South African sugar exporters to export sugar from its sugar reserves to Asia.

But the South African government has not yet been able to sell any of its own sugar to Asian consumers.

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