By Football Italian staff “The hammer” has become the preferred verb for hunting.

It has also become an insult, with one hunter reportedly saying it was his “most abused” term.

In a video posted on Instagram by hunter Mike Graziani, he explains: “When we say the hammer we’re referring to the power of the hammer, when you use the hammer to kill, you’re literally hurting yourself.

It’s an extremely violent thing to do.”

Graziano says that when he and other hunters use the word “the hammer” on a daily basis, they are frequently called “murderers”.

In the same video, Grazi says that while he and his fellow hunters use “the gun” and “the hunting rifle” as a neutral term, they often use “The Hammer” to describe hunting.

In another video, he says: “The gun is used when you hit someone.

The hammer is used in a similar way to the gun.

When you hit a deer, you’ll hear it crack.

When someone kills a deer with a hammer, they’re killing a deer.

When a deer is hit with a gun, you get a bullet.

When I hit a human being with the hammer or a shotgun, I’m using a hammer.”

According to a report from The Guardian, hunter Michael Grazinia told The Guardian that when hunters use their term “The Mauler”, they are referring to “the power of a firearm”.

In a statement to the paper, Gritiano denied using the word in a derogatory way.

“The term ‘The Mounder’ is not a neutral word and has been used to describe many different activities, including the use of weapons,” he said.

“It is an insulting term, because it is used to insult hunters and they are a minority of hunters.

We would never use such a term.”

The Guardian reports that the term has become an offence due to the recent “bullying” in the hunting community.

In 2016, a hunter was accused of shooting and killing a bull that attacked him in a park in South Africa.

Graziana was found guilty of manslaughter in the case and sentenced to five years in prison.

Gritiani told The Sunday Times: “I’m going to say this, it’s not the hunting industry that is to blame for the misuse of the term.

It is the hunting lobby that has led to this term being used in the media.”

Griesiani has been in the sport since the early 1990s.

“I’ve been hunting since I was a kid, and I can say that I’ve never seen a hunter use the term ‘the mauler’ in a negative way.

We’re losing some of our best, our most experienced and most talented hunters, because of this misuse of language.””

This is the most dangerous time in the game of hunting and the hunting world, as we can see.

We’re losing some of our best, our most experienced and most talented hunters, because of this misuse of language.”

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