Conservatives are getting the most out of the NRA by highlighting its secretive history and using it to promote gun control, according to a new report.

The report, “Shootings: An Inside Look,” was compiled by The American Conservatives, a conservative advocacy group that was founded in 2002.

Its findings show that the NRA, the nation’s largest gun rights group, is not just hiding behind its legal shield but also actively working against it, even if it’s not overtly advocating for it.

“Its secretive history is used to undermine its political goals,” said Chris Cox, the group’s vice president for policy.

“In fact, the NRA is so far behind on gun control and gun safety that it is hiding behind a veil of secrecy.

The group’s findings come as Congress considers two bills to expand background checks and tighten gun safety laws. “

The NRA is a tool of gun industry lobbyists to prevent gun owners from exercising their Second Amendment rights, and the NRA has been using this secrecy to deflect from its own track record of protecting gun owners,” Cox added.

The group’s findings come as Congress considers two bills to expand background checks and tighten gun safety laws.

One, Senate Bill 1382, would allow gun sellers to turn away gun buyers who are disqualified by the government or are not on a list of “high risk” people.

The other, House Bill 651, would require background checks for all gun sales.

The bills would require federal background checks to be done in-person at the time of sale, but the NRA opposes such a requirement, arguing it would violate the Second Amendment.

The NRA has long maintained that the federal government has no authority to enforce gun safety rules, but in recent years it has worked with state and local officials to push for such checks.

It has also backed state gun laws that make it easier for people to get guns and passed legislation to expand access to gun training courses.

While some of its members oppose background checks, the gun rights organization has repeatedly defended them as necessary to keep guns out of dangerous hands.

In 2015, the National Rifle Association supported an attempt to pass the “Guns in Schools” Act, which would have required schools to send teachers to gun range classes to train teachers on the proper use of weapons.

That same year, the organization backed a bill that would have expanded the federal ban on military-style assault weapons.

In recent years, the American Conservative also pushed for legislation to ban military-grade assault weapons, but it failed to make it through Congress.

The group was also behind a bill to close loopholes in the federal background check system, but its efforts failed in the House.

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