A job hunting company is offering to pay for workers who will hunt oil and gas jobs in Israel and abroad.

The company, called Job Hunters International, says that a job hunt will take place on Thursday, May 25.

“A job search will be conducted at the offices of the company located in the southernmost part of the state of Israel,” the job search site says.

“You can choose between two different types of jobs.

The first type is the jobs that are required for the production of oil and natural gas.

The second type of jobs is required for drilling, drilling related projects, etc.”

In an email, Job Hunters’ spokesperson Eran Avi-Neeman said the company would use its money to pay the workers for their work.

“Job seekers can choose to join Job Hunters if they have experience with drilling, hydraulic fracturing, or other drilling related jobs, but they will not be compensated for their time in the job.

We will pay for all the costs of their work,” Avi Neeman wrote.

In addition to the oil and chemical industries, Job Hunter International also offers services such as environmental surveys, construction work, field research and management of the oilfield.

According to Job Hunter’s website, the company is working to “increase our workforce to over 100 workers,” and “bring the number of positions to over 200 jobs by the end of the year.”

Job Hunters has been active in the Israeli oil industry for more than 30 years.

It has worked with the Israeli Ministry of the Economy and Industry to hire and train a workforce for more recent drilling and exploration projects.

The Job Hunters website also notes that the company will be providing a financial incentive for job seekers.

Job Hunters says it will pay the salaries of the new employees for a period of three months.

If you’re interested in a job, here’s what you need to know about jobs in the oil industry: Job hunting is an important industry in Israel, as companies are seeking workers in the country for various fields.

Job hunters typically start their jobs in search of oil, gas and other oil-related jobs, and then work for the oil company, drilling rigs, or drilling related services for several years.

The Oil and Gas Industry Israel Association estimates that the total number of jobs in Israeli oil and Gas is approximately 3,700, including roughly 1,400 in the northern and southern parts of the country.

Job Hunters International says it’s a global business, with over 50 countries in which it operates.

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