Australia’s energy landscape is littered with wind turbines, geothermal farms and solar thermal farms, and while many of these are capable of powering large areas of the country, there are still plenty of big, dirty energy sources that need our attention.

The key is to look at what’s needed, what the right incentives are, and the best place to find them.

It’s a tough job, but one that can be done with the right mindset, with the best of intentions.

The biggest thing to understand about energy sources is they are all dependent on the weather.

The wind turbines on a wind farm in South Australia.

Photo: Alex EllinghausenAustralia’s wind farms, solar thermal plants and geothermal are all built on the same principle of intermittent energy generation.

The most obvious way to make electricity from wind, for instance, is to build large wind farms.

But when you want to power a small city or rural town, you need to be able to generate electricity for long periods of time.

As well as providing intermittent power, these generators can be built from wind.

In Australia’s south-east, for example, a wind turbine can produce enough power to power 10,000 homes, or 1,500 homes on a sunny day.

But in the windy north, the turbines can produce far more power.

This is because wind turbines tend to be larger than the average power plant, meaning they can provide power for longer periods.

The bigger the wind turbine, the longer the distance it can travel, and as a result, the more energy it can generate.

That can mean a very big difference in the amount of energy the system can store in the grid.

And that storage is essential to the energy supply system.

When wind farms run out of power, they stop generating electricity.

They will have to go offline and turn to gas or diesel generators.

This can result in a significant loss of energy, particularly when wind turbines are operating at peak times.

The renewable energy industry is an energy-intensive industry, with energy production at times exceeding 30 per cent of the entire energy market.

But that’s not to say renewable energy doesn’t have potential.

The energy sector is in good shape, and with wind farms running out of steam, it’s likely that they will soon be retired.

What’s more, wind farms are also more efficient than gas or coal plants.

When the wind turbines fail, they don’t produce the same amount of heat as when they are producing electricity.

In short, renewables are a powerful tool to provide intermittent energy for the country.

Australia’s energy sector will need to focus on creating the right incentive package for wind farms in order to keep them running for as long as possible.

But it is important to understand the big picture.

It is the wind that powers most of Australia’s wind farm, but it also generates a lot of power.

It also emits a lot more CO2 than coal, which is why Australia’s coal-fired power stations are a major environmental issue.

As the wind farms die and are mothballed, the energy market will change dramatically.

Renewables will not be able buy the power that’s generated, so there will be less power available to use.

There will be no need for a major shift in energy policies, and in the long term, renewable energy will be able offer energy to many more people, for longer, with fewer emissions.


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