A job hunting opportunity in Utah may come in handy if you have the skills and money to afford a carpentering job.

Utah has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and one of its main employers is the construction industry.

The Salt Lake City-based construction company Kiewit Construction has been working to fill the gap of workers with skilled trades in Utah since it began operations in 2012.

The company employs about 700 people.

It recently hired an additional 100 people in January, and will soon add 400 more.

But the construction job hunting may not be easy for Kiewits carpenters.

The company has been struggling with low job creation since a major recession in the 1990s and has struggled to fill vacancies due to a lack of skills.

Kiewit’s first contractor was a construction company called B&D, which closed in 2012, and then B&S, which is owned by the same parent company.

Both companies closed and were sold to private equity firm KKR in 2015.

Kikas construction company is now owned by a family of contractors who have gone through a similar process.

They opened in 1998 and were the first in the state to open and hire.

They now have four employees and a projected payroll of $200,000.

“We had to cut corners, and we’re doing it again,” said Kiko Askins, one of his three employees.

“We’re hiring.”

Kikis employees and contractors work together, so they can quickly get on the job.

The construction company, which employs about 600 people, recently hired another 100 workers.

Its total payroll is expected to be $400,000, and it has a goal of hiring 500 new employees this year.

But there’s a catch.

Kiko’s contractor is now an independent contractor, and that means the company can’t make a contract offer to the company that is competitive with its salary.

Instead, the company has to use its own labor and the work of subcontractors to get a contract for construction.

The contract is on the back burner, and Kiko’s contractors are frustrated.

“It’s not going to be an option,” said David Loy, one Kiko contractor.

“They don’t have that many people.

They don’t want to hire new people.

We’re trying to do what we can to keep this going.

But it’s not working out.”

But there are ways for Kiko to find contractors who can fill the construction jobs.

Kiko is working with the Utah Department of Labor and Industries to identify contractors who could work with Kiewitz construction.

If Kiewitters construction workers need help, they can call the company’s hiring hotline at 801-892-8500.

And Kiko can offer a discount to prospective contractors.

In addition, the construction company recently hired three contractors to help with the company website, where it offers free training on the fundamentals of carpenter’s trades.

The contractor who works with Kiko will also be working on the company YouTube channel.KIKA’s construction contractor is also working with other contractors to build a new building in Salt Lake County, which he said will be the first new building built by a contractor in more than a decade.

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