Bascom is a hunting destination in southeastern Arizona, which is about the size of New York City.

It is about 50 miles north of Tucson.

It’s about 75 miles south of Tucson and about 100 miles west of Tucson in Mesa County.

It also is about 150 miles west from Tucson and 120 miles south from Phoenix.

According to the American Hunting Association, there are about 1,500 hunting jobs and a total of 1,400 hunters, but this number is up from 1,000 jobs in 2014.

Here are the jobs that you may be able to find for sale in Bascomb.

There are lots of hunting jobs available in Basmus, but the jobs listed on Craigslist and other hunting jobs websites have not been verified.

You may also find the jobs advertised on the online auction site

The Craigslist listing does not say if the jobs are on the auction site.

A search on turns up several hunting jobs.

This listing does state that the hunter needs to have a valid hunting license.

Another Craigslist listing for hunting jobs is called Hunting in Basm.

A job listing says you must be 18 or older to take part in the hunt.

It says the hunt will take place at a private hunting camp and is expected to be conducted at a minimum of 1 hour.

There is no price tag listed on this job listing.

It lists a minimum purchase price of $1,200.

You will need to pay a $500 deposit.

This is for a private hunt camp, not a hunt on public land.

If you are going to hunt on private land, you must have your own gun.

It does not mention a specific amount of money.

The job listing does list an annual fee of $500.

You also need to bring your own weapons, but that fee is $50.

You can get a hunting license and gun certificate online at a hunting center or online at or, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The Hunting Association of Arizona says the fee is for hunting with a rifle.

The organization has several websites that list hunting sites in Basmar.

You must be 21 or older and have your hunting license to hunt.

You do not need to register your firearm to hunt in Basmen.

There will be a permit fee for this hunt, which includes a fee of between $100 and $300.

The hunting center does not provide a list of other hunting opportunities in Basman.

You might want to call the Bascom Police Department to verify if the job is listed on their website.

You could also call the Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office does not have a list on the site.

This hunt is listed as scheduled for March 15.

The hunt is expected at a property owned by a private landowner.

The property is located on the outskirts of Basmus.

You need to be 18 to hunt at this property.

There does not appear to be a hunting permit or license to purchase a hunting rifle at this location.

You would need to purchase one through a licensed dealer.

You cannot bring your gun to the hunting site.

The hunters must wear a hunting hat.

You have to have your gun with you.

You are not allowed to bring a handgun.

There’s no word on how much hunting you will need.

You only need to take a hunter identification card to hunt with the hunters.

If it is a first time hunt, it will cost between $250 and $500, depending on where you live.

The only items you can bring are a rifle and ammunition.

The hunter must take care of the gun and ammunition, as well as carry the rifle.

There should be a hunter ID card available at the hunt site.

You pay for all of this at the property.

The fee for the hunt includes the hunter identification and a $50 hunting fee.

If this hunt is a second time, you will have to pay the $500 fee.

The price of the hunting license does not list the price.

You still have to buy a rifle, ammunition and the hunting permit from a licensed gun dealer.

If the property is a private property, you pay the fees for the hunters first hunt and then the fees from the next hunt.

If your hunting trip is for the first time, there is a $300 fee for hunting at a designated area.

You then pay the same fees for hunting the next time.

If there are no designated areas in your hunting area, you are responsible for the costs of a private security company to patrol the property and guard the property from intruders.

The county does not require the private security companies to have their own firearms.

You purchase the hunting gear at a gun store, such as a gunsmith.

The gun shop does not tell you if it is certified by the NRA.

The Basmus Police Department does not know whether it is accredited by the National Rifle Association.

There was no official information available on the internet about the Basm hunt

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