Now in its third year, the Job Hunter Valley is a virtual reality job hunting competition, where aspiring photographers can test their skills in a virtual world.

In the past year, nearly 2,000 people have participated, and the competition has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

To participate, you’ll need to have some degree of knowledge of photography and a passion for the subject.

Here’s how to become a job hunter:  1.

Make sure you’ve got the right gear You need to be able to capture the moment, or “photography”, and you need to know how to use a camera, lenses, and a good exposure.

“If you don’t have the equipment, you’re not going to be successful,” says the organisers. 


Find a location with good lighting “You can only do this if you know what you’re doing and how to achieve it,” says one of the organisers, and you’ll want to find a place where you can have a decent amount of lighting and privacy.


Capture a shot “You need good camera skills and you have to know what is happening in the scene.

A lot of people shoot with their phones,” says Tim Henningsen, the head of the Virtual Reality Challenge. 


Capture the best selfie “The selfie is a very important part of the job hunt,” says Hennningsen.

“It’s about being in the moment.”

You can’t capture a good one, but the best ones will be shot on the spot, with a partner.

“You’ll probably need to try a lot of different situations, because you have no control over what’s going to happen,” he says.


Take your selfie in the field “There are many good locations to shoot in.

You need to get a good location with plenty of daylight and clear skies, because if you don.t have the lighting and the exposure right, it can look very bad.” 


Get some tips from your friends “I think people should have a good idea of what they’re going to see and what they should do,” says Tom Boulding, the lead photographer.

“They should know what they need to do and what is going to make the most sense for the scene.”


Make a short film “A good example of what you can do is making a short movie,” says Bouldings.

“When you shoot a scene, you have a whole team to edit it.

You have to get everything right, and that’s what I try to do in my work.” 


Find an outdoor environment “If you’re lucky enough to have an environment with good light, and people can see you, you can really make an impact on the people around you,” says Bouldings, who has been involved in a few shoots in the past.

“There are a lot more photographers than there used to be, so you need a good background.” 


Become a freelancer “People are becoming more and more professional,” says Chris Stacey, the Head of Operations.

“So the challenge is getting your work into a business.” 


Work with an agency to edit the footage “It’s a very competitive field, and it’s really important to have the right work experience,” says Stacey.

“Some people will work on the side, others will work for the agency.”


Make your own VR experience “In VR, you don,t have to go to a VR studio and do the work, but you can work directly on your phone and capture the environment,” says Ciaran Wilson, the team director at the Job Hunt VR Challenge.

“The challenge is how do you get the best shots.” 


Find someone to do the shooting “Most people have an idea of how to take a photo, but it’s not easy,” says Wilson.

“Sometimes you can’t make a shot without a partner, and sometimes you can, but then you need someone who’s a professional, who’s not going into the studio and is there to take the photos, but has an understanding of what’s being shot.” 


Get feedback from your clients “They should be happy with the experience they’re having, because they’ve had it for a long time,” says  Wilson.

“I think the most important thing is getting feedback.” 


Submit a job to the competition “Many photographers just want to get their work out there,” says Wilson. 


Have a bit of fun “To get the most out of the experience, you should always try to have a little fun,” he adds.

“In VR you don -t have that choice.

You just get to experience the world in a certain way.” 


Have an idea about what you want to do “Photography is a really powerful medium.

I think people are starting to

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