Hunter education workers need not only be good hunters, but they need to be good with computers, according to a new survey.

Hunters are among the most popular careers in the Hunter and Tasmanian communities, with a median annual salary of $71,000.

The survey also found that Hunters need a lot of training and certification to succeed in the field.

Hunters have a median of 6.3 years of hunting experience, according a report from the National Hunters and Anglers Federation.

The National Hunting and Angler Association’s survey found that of the people who hunted in the past 12 months, 92 per cent had completed a year of hunting.

A majority of hunters said they have completed at least three years of shooting, and one in five hunters had completed more than three years.

In the study, respondents were asked to rank their hunter education experience and job skills.

Those with at least five years of training were ranked first.

In terms of job skills, the study found that most people were interested in working with the outdoors and outdoorsmen.

“I have been working with hunters for a while and I would say that most of my experience in the industry is from the hunting side,” said one Hunter who wished to remain anonymous.

“We have a great workforce and a great group of hunters, which I would guess is why the industry has such a good reputation in Tasmania,” he said.

“There are hunters who are well versed in everything from shooting to conservation and we also have hunters who have experience working in conservation areas.”

He said hunters who had been out of the field for a few years were more likely to be in the public eye and more likely be considered a professional.

“They tend to be the most sought after because they can work in a variety of jobs,” he explained.

The Hunter education sector was also well-represented in the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ survey of the top 10 industries in the country.

The Australian Bureau said hunters had a median income of $77,700, which is higher than in other parts of the country, such as New Zealand, and in Australia it is lower than in most other parts.

The industry is also one of the largest in the world with about $1.5 billion in annual exports, according the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Hunter Education Employers have more incentives to grow, said Hunter Education Association national secretary Craig Wilson.

“The Hunter Education sector has a number of good opportunities for job growth, especially in the areas of the outdoor recreation industry,” he told ABC Hobart.

“As a hunter, you are going to need to have some education to be able to get that experience and then you need to apply for jobs in the outdoors, which are quite different from being a professional hunter.”

We are certainly looking for people who are interested in the hunting experience and want to get involved with hunting and other outdoorsy activities.

“It’s a great opportunity for the industry to grow and grow.

There are some great opportunities in the sport for hunters, especially those in Tasmania.”

One Hunter said hunters were also good at making phone calls.

“It’s not easy to work in the outdoor environment and it’s very challenging,” he added.

“Most people work from home, but hunters will work from an office with a computer.”

Hunters will need to pass a test to work with the public, according Hunter Education association president Rob Stenhouse.

“In the past we have been very clear that we do not want our hunters to be under-represented.

It is important that we recognise the fact that we need to retain hunters who will be successful in the hunter education sector,” he stressed.

The report found that the number of Hunter Education jobs in Tasmania has been growing. “

Our job is to get people to understand that we are in this for the long term and we are interested and want you to be involved in the pursuit of the sport.”

The report found that the number of Hunter Education jobs in Tasmania has been growing.

“Overall, the numbers are increasing, but not as fast as we would like,” said Mr Stenhall.

“That’s a good thing because we want to attract the best and brightest from around the country.”

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