How to know where you stand and what you need to do 2.

Where you stand, what you want to do, what your goals are, and how to work through them 3.

What you’re looking for, what’s on offer, and when to start 4.

Which job market to start with, which jobs to avoid, and what’s the best job to get in 5.

How you can save money and be more flexible in your job hunt 6.

How job hunters should spend their money and how you can get them to spend it responsibly 7.

Tips on managing your time 8.

The best time to start a job hunt and the worst to end it 9.

How many hours a day is too many?


How do I make sure I’m spending enough time with my family and friends 11.

What to do if you’ve been asked to take on a new job or get a promotion?


Which companies offer job hunting and how many jobs can you find 13.

Where to look for opportunities, and the best way to find them 14.

What are the key factors to look out for when looking for a job 15.

How long to expect a job offer, what do I need to know about the salary, and which job offer you can actually get 16.

How much money to expect to make in your first job, how much to spend and when should I start 17.

How easy it is to get started in the job hunt 18.

How it’s done, what to expect and what to do when you’re hired 19.

Tips for finding the right person to meet, and some advice on when to ask your boss for help 20.

How important is your salary, how to decide whether to start at the start of your contract, and whether to take a job from the start 21.

How people are using the job search process and what can be done to improve it 22.

How best to get a job in the first place, what it takes to get there, and where you can start looking for one 23.

What happens when you lose your job?

What should you do if it’s not going to work out for you 24.

Which jobs do people find most interesting?


What do you do when your boss asks you to do something that’s too stressful?


How can you keep your job if you’re a student or have a part-time job 27.

What can you do to save money, find a better career, and get the best for your family?


How often should you talk to your boss?


How should you spend your time, how do you know what to be looking for in the world?


What kind of advice should I give to my boss and my boss’s family?


Which skills do you want?

Which careers do you need?


What should I do if my job is not available?


How does a job search work?

How do you find a job?


How is it done?

How can I use it to find something I really want?


What advice do I have to offer my friends?


What is the best time of year to start searching?


What’s the most common reason why people can’t find jobs?


What would you tell your friends if you were starting your job hunting?


What jobs are really difficult to find?


What might be going on in the financial world that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask about?


What if you are a student?


What could be going wrong with your financial situation?


What types of financial advice should you ask your parents?


What resources do you have for job hunting that you don’t have in your area?


What kinds of things can I buy at the supermarket?


How did you get into the job hunting business?


What sort of advice can I give my partner?


What will happen if you get a negative feedback in your resume?


What does the job hunter business do for people with low incomes?


How far do you think it can go?


What makes you happy when you are on the hunt?


What have been the biggest disappointments of your job searching journey?


What were the biggest advantages of the job hunters business?


What job hunting lessons did you learn?

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