2 December 2016 05:35:35 In the run-up to Christmas, Hunter Express posted a loss of more than 1,000 jobs.

That was before it went bust in November, leaving the company with just 537 workers.

A total of 838 of those were at its main UK office, which closed on December 8th.

On the island of Ireland, the number of jobs posted has fallen by almost half since December 2016, as well as in the Midlands, where it lost more than 600 jobs. 

Hunter Express employs almost 3,000 people across the country. 

The company has been hit hard by the drop in demand in the UK, with the majority of jobs being posted in the north east and south west.

In the Midlands and parts of the north, the company has lost nearly half its workforce. 

It is the second biggest job-cut in the company’s history, with more than half of those laid off in November. 

In the UK the company posted a net loss of £3.4m in the first three months of 2017.

The company says it expects to post a net profit of £1.8m for the full year. 

As the company gears up for its next phase of restructuring, it is working on securing new locations, which will allow it to maintain the same workforce, but with more workers. 

One of the new jobs is at a new factory in the city of London. 

More from the Irish Times: The hunt for an Irish job in the US is booming:  HunterExpress cuts jobs, raises wages, hires locals for next phase  Posted by The Irish Times on December 6, 2017 06:37:05 Hunter express has lost more jobs in Ireland than in any other country in the world.

Its latest losses are being made in Ireland, where more than 5,000 of its employees have lost their jobs since the financial crisis, and the company will be trying to find more employment elsewhere. 

A company spokesman said that the company was looking for opportunities in Ireland to re-organise its workforce and create jobs.

The job cuts in Ireland came just days after Hunter Express cut 3,400 jobs at its London office. 

Its chief executive, Jim McIlroy, said that Hunter Express was now looking to move into more “global locations”. 

“The Hunter Express team are looking at the future with renewed vigour and are looking to expand to other locations in the future,” Mr McIlory said.

Hunter Express is part of the Hunter Group, which owns Hunter Express and has been working on restructuring for several years.

“We have been in a downward spiral for a number of years,” Mr McFilray said. 

“Hunter Express has been the biggest loser in the Hunter group over the past few years, and we have taken action in recent weeks to support the Hunter family.” 

Hunter has a £1 billion cash pile and is now on the lookout for new funding.

However, the Hunter Express board has been struggling for a long time, with Mr McFinrory blaming the recent economic downturn for his decision to cut jobs.

“It has become clear that Hunter has been down a long road to recovery, which is why we have had to make tough decisions,” he said.

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